Services for foreign guests visiting Poland.

We all know that Polish history and culture is absolutely unique. For guests from abroad, it may be even more interesting, especially that learning about it will help in tightening the relationships – including the business ones. Understanding our culture will easily show that we are not only a traditionally hospitable nation, but also boldly looking forward to the future. It is not without reason that Poland enjoys the position of an economic leader in our part of Europe.

Wherever you look around, there is beauty!

The complex, over a thousand-year history, culminating in the superpower position in the European arena (15th and 16th century).

The culture that goes back for centuries, shaped by the rich influences of the Roman Empire and the Middle East.

Extensive mountains (also of the Alpine type), the sea, countless lakes and the last virgin forest in Europe.

You want to show your active side?

The varied geographical shape of Poland will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding enthusiasts of active tourism at any time of year. Your guests prefer stronger experiences? No wonder – extreme sports can not only strengthen relationships thanks to cooperation in overcoming exciting challenges but also successfully relax.

Suggest your guests:


  • Climbing
  • Sailing
  • Rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Skiing