About us

Optimize business travel costs effectively

Do the travel expenses mean that your budget is shrinking fast and the terms negotiated with service providers do not seem to be profitable enough? We will look at current expenditures and use all our experience to provide comprehensive and objective advice on travel costs.

Specialist strategic consulting

Based on industry-tested analyses, we will show you the direction of travel policy optimization in your company. We will develop a travel cost management strategy, implement the established procedures and prepare a plan that will allow you to rise to the upcoming challenges as much as possible, and take advantage of the growing opportunities of the business travel industry.

Analysis of business travel policy

We will thoroughly analyse the relationship of your company with airlines, hotels and other service providers, and we will confront it all with the behaviour and habits of travellers. The aim of the analysis is to identify areas that need optimization and to minimize unnecessary costs of business travel.

Precise travel cost reports

All services ordered at Splast Travel are reflected in detailed reports, thanks to which your company will have access to all information regarding the travel policy, the budget used and the rates applied. On the basis of such data, together we can modify the travel policy so that it is as effective as possible.

Care of a dedicated travel consultant

In order to optimize the costs of business travel in your company, at the stage of preparing the offer, the consultant offers the best available option of air ticket, accommodation, car rental, transfer or other travel-related services. They also protect the travel policy and ensure that all stages – from the organization of the trip, through its duration, to the happy return – proceed smoothly and according to plan.

Business travel management training courses

For our most demanding clients, we also offer free trainings for employees responsible for organizing business trips.

you will provide your team with better work organization; you will reduce the number of formal duties; you will optimize the costs of business travel while maintaining the highest quality of services; you will start using modern solutions; you will increase the awareness of new business opportunities in the field of business travel.

During the training, we present the possibilities of support from Splast Travel in an accessible way and provide a set of best practices facilitating effective cooperation.